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Indoor, Vertical, Automated

Our technologies make local food production a global reality


Unlock the full potential of your CEA plant trials with our plug and grow system.

Choose your crop, test your first cultivation recipe guided by our software and let the GreenResearcher do the rest.

Worry-free research.


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Use cases

GreenResearcher Facility

Plant Research

Enabling you to analyze and improve plant growth patterns, genetic traits, and yield efficiencies in a controlled environment. Helping you to accelerate breakthroughs in crop science and sustainability.

GreenFarm OS Dashboard

Cultivation Strategies

Empowering you as cultivators to refine and innovate cultivation strategies for the crop of your choice. You can optimize growth conditions, increase yield and save on valuable ressources.

Custom GreenResearcher

Medical Plants

Unlock the full potential of phytochemicals for healthcare, ensuring a steady, sustainable supply of vital medicinal resources.


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Where to find us

Hornstraße 3
04249 Leipzig

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Partners and Supporters

Alexander Jaworski
Founder / CEO

Leading our mission with strategic insight and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Kay Plat
Founder / CTO

Driving innovation and technological excellence as our founding visionary.

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Isabelle van Doorn
Plant Scientist

Fusing crop expertise with business acumen to foster growth on all fronts.

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Steffen Schneider
Software Developer

Architect of GreenFarm 1.0 OS, powering sustainable agriculture technologies.

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Dr. Christian Splith
Software Developer

Crafting data-driven tools to enhance efficiency and decision-making.

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Wiebke Nagel
Data Science

Transforming plant data into actionable insights through advanced analytics.

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Ivan Espinoza
Electrical Engineer

Integrating cutting-edge electrical solutions for optimal system performance.

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Julius Riegger
Embedded Systems

Bridging the gap between hardware and software for seamless integration.

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Ensuring everyone has access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food every day of the year.

Our team's innovative spirit and dedication are what will make our vision possible.


GreenFarm OS

Our farm management app will allow you to be in control of your trials. Setting lights, climate, nutrients and collect all the data in one place/app. You keep the ownership of your data and decide what will happen with it.


Lighting Image

4 channels, dimmable, can be tailored to your needs


Nutrition Image

Autodosing in place, ranging from 3 to 6 channels


Ventilation Image

Choose between an constant air flow or set a humidity setpoint


Calibration Image

10 min in-line calibration, three easy steps the app guides you trough.